Jonathan Hendricks



​Extra Information

Writing stories is half the work.  The other half is trying to let others know that I have a story.  I would like to use this page as an extra information page.  On this page,  I'll try to post what methods I used in/for advertisement.  The process of bringing the story into an ebook or audiobook format.  For those that are thinking of writing stories too...I hope this information page will be very helpful.
     Animation post:   On, I saw this cool looking zombie animation gig.  I'm trying different methods of advertisement, to see which one works better than the other? This animation could work for my "Rite of Passage" short story?  So, I wrote a script and the artist did the rest.  Feel free to view the clip.
View Animation
     Flyer and bookmark advertisements:  I had a flyer and bookmark designed. The flyer is already posted on my web site.  Also, some students will post flyers at their college for a small fee.  I thought it would be neat if I could have a bookmark sticking out on the page where I left off...only the sleeping "Z's" would be showing from the top of the close book.  Libraries are good places to leave some bookmarks.